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Memphis Regional Megasite

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Important Assets

The West Tennessee core megasite consists of a 1,720 acre square tract of land, as well as 3,644 acres available from other properties. These areas retain some of the best conditions for economic development in West Tennessee:


  • 1,720 acres/696 Hectares Core Megasite

  • 1,483 Hectares Other Available Properties

  • Square-shaped

  • Immediately available

  • Excellent topography

  • All drainage begins on site

  • No flood zones

  • Designated “Attainment” for 8-hour Ozone Standards & PM 2.5

  • Minimal wetlands

  • Over 80% of the core site is unforested and cleared

  • Excellent soils

  • Low water tables

  • No endangered species

  • No archeological impediments

  • Only two residential structures to relocate

  • Fast rezoning process