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Target Industries


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HTL Advantage has identified the following target industries for the region, based on location and workforce characteristics.



The HTL region is unmatched for distribution, market research and competitive and affordable transportation costs. The area is centrally located and offers expansive modes of transportation, allowing businesses to reach every location in the United States and internationally with ease and affordability. The Memphis area has become a hub for top logistics and distribution firms, and Haywood, Tipton and Lauderdale Counties are no exception. As a result, there is a large pool of workers prepared to meet the needs of a logistics or distribution business.


Food Processing

The HTL region's transportation and workforce advantages make it a prime location for food manufacturers.  Industries in the Food Manufacturing subsector transform livestock and agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption. The industry groups are distinguished by the raw materials (generally of animal or vegetable origin) processed into food products. The food products manufactured in these establishments are typically sold to wholesalers or retailers for distribution to consumers.

However establishments primarily engaged in retail baking and candy production made on the premises not for immediate consumption are also included within the food manufacturing sector.  In 2009, Tennessee had 337 food manufacturing facilities employing 32,389 workers. The average annual wage in this industry was $43,595.



Manufacturing is vital component of the HTL Advantage region.  For generations, it has been a major part of the local economy and continues in that role to this day.

Approximately a quarter of the working population in the region are employed in some type of manufacturing. It is no wonder so many manufacturers have located in the region; the workforce, transportation advantages, low costs of doing business and numerous incentive create an environment where manufacturers thrive.

Auto Parts & Assembly

The HTL region offers exciting possibilities for growth of the automotive manufacturing industry. With a number of existing companies specializing in fabricated metals and machinery manufacturing, Haywood, Tipton and Lauderdale Counties are poised for growth in this sector.

Advantages for prospective industries include:

  1. a pool of highly trained employees with relevant skills
  2. high-quality sites ranging from 20 to 2,000 acres
  3. an excellent transportation network
  4. ready access to all necessary utilities and communication services



The HTL region is well-positioned for manufacturers of solar energy products, technology and research.  The region boasts access to an abundant workforce and skilled green technology professionals, as well as a number of prime locations for large manufacturers.

With a ready workforce, dedicated industrial megasites and central location, many solar and clean energy companies already call Tennessee home, including solar panel suppliers such as Sharp in Memphis, Shoals Technologies Group in Gallatin, AGC Flat Glass in Kingsport; wind tower manufacturer SIAG Aerisyn, L.C.C. in Chattanooga; and the leading supplier to the world’s clean energy manufacturers Alstom Power.